Est.2007 | Seattle Washington


Situated just 5 blocks from the Space Needle, there is a small company catalyzing growth in the Seattle job market. Meet H10. We’re in the human capital business; we believe that people are the number one indicator of a project’s success or failure. That’s why we built a firm around locating talented individuals interested in doing great work. We hire qualified candidates in a full-time or consulting capacity ready to execute, add value, and impact business’ bottom line. For the past two decades, we’ve done just that for over 400 companies.


Our evaluation process seeks not only qualified individuals, but quality individuals. After decades in the business, we know that intangibles can be the most important indicator of a successful match. We firmly believe in doing business locally with partners whom we can build long-term, valuable relationships with. We prioritize developing face-to-face relationships and providing direct lines of access to trusted team members. Call us old school, but we strongly believe it’s how business should be done.


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